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April is Grilled Cheese Month

I love a grilled cheese sandwich.

Grilled CheeseThe most random ingredients can be stacked up between cheese and bread, placed on an iron skillet for a few minutes and taste magnifico!

My most recent grilled cheese was: French bread smeared with honey mustard, topped with Gruyère, Cajun turkey, bread and butter pickles, then more Cajun turkey, more Gruyère and topped with another slice of bread with more honey mustard.  That was a couple of days ago.

A couple of weeks ago I made this ham and cheese. I used Dijon mustard, Gruyère, ham, and dill sandwich sliced pickles. Pickles provide an unexpected pop of flavor to the traditional grilled cheese. The cheese isn’t oozing out of this one, but it’s melted just enough to hold everything together.

Instead of smearing this with butter—which I totally love—I poured a significant puddle of olive oil on the hot griddle. I plopped the sandwich in the middle of the oil and quickly flipped it to soak the other side before leaving it alone to grill.

Grilled Ham and Gruyere with Dill Pickles




















My 12″ square iron griddle makes it easy to cut the sandwich while it’s still on the heat so I can see how melty the cheese is. If I let the heat get too high (darn electric stove!) and it’s browning faster than it’s melting, I’ll turn it frequently so I can keep it on the heat longer. I’ll also cover it with a large lid propped on the side of the griddle. An over sized lid will hold the heat in but also let the steam escape so the bread will continue to crisp.


Grilled Cheese

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Janz Catalina Mayo Turkey Sandwich

This blog has been dormant for a while, but it’s time to restart.
I’ve been eating fast food for lunch way too often the past few months so my plan is to refocus on homemade food and save money while avoiding unnecessary calories.

Even though turkey is a fairly plain lunch meat, I dress up this sandwich with veggies and flavors that give it a lot of texture and zest.

Here it is.

  • 2 slices 100% whole wheat bread, in a zipper bag
  • Romaine lettuce, just enough for one sandwich, in a fold-top sandwich bag
  • Small plastic container layered with the following:
  • Deli sliced turkey
  • Bread & butter pickles
  • Very thin slivers of onions
  • A few rounds of banana peppers
  • Half a dozen grape tomatoes (it’s all I had)
  • Small jar of Janz Catalina Mayo
  • I usually make turkey sandwiches with mayo on the bread and a drizzle of Catalina Dressing on top of the tomatoes, but when I assembled this last night I decided to combine the Catalina and mayo to make the prep easier when I got to work. I put about a tablespoon of mayo in a small jar (I think it was a 4 ounce deli mustard jar) and stirred in Catalina dressing until it tasted just right. It’s about equal parts of each.

    Viola! Janz Catalina Mayo. I don’t know why I never thought of this before. Added bonus: I don’t have to put a diaper on my sandwich to keep the Catalina from dripping down my shirt, in my lap… or (Nooooo!) on my keyboard! 🙂

    I put everything—except the bread—in the fridge when I got to work. When I got a chance to eat (I think it was about 2:30) I smeared the bread with Janz Catalina Mayo, topped it with turkey, pickles, banana peppers, onions and lettuce. Usually tomato slices go on top of the pickles and peppers, but grape tomatoes don’t make very big slices, so I popped them in my mouth while I put the sandwich together.

    Presto! Crunchy sweet, hot, and tangy all add up to a great tasting sandwich.

    Now that I think about it…

    • Jalapeno slices
    • A splash of Tabasco in Janz Catalina Mayo

    What do you think? Anything else sound good on this?

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