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Grilled Cheese Month: About the Bread

Of course since I’m writing about sandwich bread the loaf I made today flopped. The third time was not a charm.

I say third time because it’s the third time I used my bread maker. I know bread makers are old news to a lot of people but I’ve never had one. And I wouldn’t have one now except I came across a barely used—maybe never used—Sunbeam at my local Salvation Army store a couple of weeks ago. It was tagged $5.99 and the day I shopped it was 25% off. So I paid a whopping $4.50 for it.

Bread Maker

It was in such great shape I barely had to wipe it down. Of course there was no manual so before I put any money into it I went home and checked it out online.

Sunbeam Bread Maker

I couldn’t find the exact model number but I found enough about making bread with bread makers to decide it was worth the “investment”. I went back to the store and bought it.

Bread Maker Control Panel

I had no idea you could make dough with a bread maker. That means cinnamon rolls, pretzels, and pizza dough.

Sunbeam Model Number

When I got it home I looked it up again to find a closer match with the machine I had and I downloaded the manual and recipes that came with it. I started with the basic bread mix. It was soooo easy.

Ready to Mix and Make

You have to put the ingredients in the pan in a specific order. In my machine the wet ingredients go first. Wet includes softened butter and crushed garlic. Then dump in the flour and other dry ingredients. The last thing you add is the yeast. Make a little well on top of the dry ingredients and add the yeast so it doesn’t touch the wet ingredients on the bottom.

Plug it in, select the bread you’re making, the kind of crust you want, and press start.

Basic Bread #1

This was my first loaf of bread. Looks pretty good, huh? It was. A Garlic-Herb recipe was next. So far so good.

I really like the rustic crunchy crust that happens when I grill it.

Today I tried wheat bread and it didn’t go so well. The instructions said flour could get old, but I went ahead and used some I had in the cabinet. It did not go well.

It wouldn’t mix. It was crumbly. I added more water. It looked almost OK. It smelled good. But, alas. It was heavy as lead. It wasn’t shaped like a loaf. It tasted bad.

So, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

The good news is the dogs love it.

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