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Ryan’s Rustic Apple Pie ~ Larrupin!

This Rustic Thanksgiving Apple Pie by Ryan is truly the definition of Larrupin!

It was not fancy. It didn’t look like something you’d find under a plastic cover at the grocery store. The contemporary keywords of Rustic and Artisan apply. Oh, and delicious!

Ryan's Apple Pie on Larrupin

Ryan is my nephew and he made this from scratch. Which means he made the crust too.

Especially the crust. It was the best pie crust I’ve ever had.

Ryan's Larrupin Apple Pie

You’ve heard the phrase Easy as pie? There’s truth to that. Pies are easy. Roll out a crust. Fill it with fruit and sugar and put another crust on top—or not—then bake it. Easy peasy.

But there must be something to the technique because this was beyond amazing.

Ryan's Larrupin Apple Pie

He baked two pies the day before Thanksgiving and was such the connoisseur that he put them back in the oven before dinner so it would be just-right-warm when we ate it later.

At the end of the day we each piled up a plateful of leftovers to take home and I politely only took one slice of pie. I’ve been hoarding it and finally ate it this morning. After 30 seconds in the microwave I smeared it with a dollop of Creme Fraiche, one of my favorite dairy products. Oh my!

Still so Larrupin good!

Ryan is dad to three of these cuties —the white sweater and two plaid shirts—I shot last Thanksgiving. Ryan is also just one of the math/computer geeks in the family.

Ryan's Larrupin Apple Pie

Get it? Apple Pie?

Sorry I can’t find the symbol for 3.141…

Just Larrupin! Thanks Ryan!

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Party Mix 2012

Now begins the cereal portion of my year.

Party Mix 2012 on Larrapin

I’m not a cereal eater. It’s not because I don’t like it.

I do like cereal, but I’m one of those people who ends up with a drop of milk on my chin after nearly every bite! And it’s annoying.

Every once in a while I’ll crave a bowl of Shredded Wheat topped with Grape Nuts, but other than that I usually skip it.

Unless I make a batch of party mix. Here’s my Larrapin Party Mix recipe.

I made my first batch of the season last night and threw it together with ingredients on hand: Corn Chex, Wheat Chex, Cheerios, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds.

I mixed it up in a couple of big bowls and microwaved it instead of using the oven. I was impatient.

It’s easy peasy. Two minutes, stir; two minutes, stir; two minutes, stir. Eat.

Let it cool. Eat.

Divy it up into plastic containers. Eat.


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