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How to Make a Crispy Crusty Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I love grilled cheese sandwiches.  But this is not the grilled cheese of my childhood.

And thanks to that new ABC show The Chew—which replaced All My Children— I learned a surprising new trick to making the outside brown and crusty and soooo good!

Grilled Cheese

To make a grilled cheese you just need bread, cheese, and butter and a heated pan. But I’ve learned you can make almost any kind of sandwich and turn it into a grilled cheese.

This one has spicy mustard, cheddar cheese (yesterday I used Provolone) ham, a dill pickle sandwich slice, more ham, and more cheese.

Grilled Cheese

I’m finally remembering to turn the heat on under my iron skillet when I go into the kitchen instead of after my sandwich is ready.

A pan of the right medium-ish temperature makes all the difference. The kind of cheese you use and the thickness of your sandwich also determines the heat. Higher heat and thin slices is OK for melty cheeses—such as provolone—but for cheddars and thicker sandwiches lower heat will give it time to heat all the way through without getting too brown on the outside.

Grilled Cheese

And now for the surprising tip from this  sandwich by Mario Batali. Instead of smearing the outside with butter (I sometime use olive oil) slather it with mayonnaise! Check out all the crusty little edges on this sandwich. Butter doesn’t do that. And there’s such a nice little crunch when you bite into it.

Yum! Thanks Mario!

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